Distal Radius Fractures, 1St Edition

Distal Radius Fractures, 1St Edition
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Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Principles of Evidence-Based Management of Distal Radius Fractures
Chapter 2: Using Evidence to Manage Distal Radius Fractures
Section 2: Anatomy and Biomechanics
Chapter 3: Epidemiology
Chapter 4: Osseous and Ligamentous Anatomy of the Distal Radius
Chapter 5: Biomechanics of DRF
Section 3: Diagnostic Management
Chapter 6: Radiographic Parameters and Classifications
Chapter 7: Role of Advanced Imaging
Section 4: Acute Fracture Management
Chapter 8: Closed reduction of displaced DRF
Chapter 9: Surgical versus conservative interventions for Displaced Distal Radius Fractures
Chapter 10: Predictors of Instability and secondary dislocation of conservatively treated DRF
Chapter 11: Plating versus Percutaneous Kirschner Wires for simple DRF
Chapter 12: Volar plating versus Dorsal plating
Chapter 13: Comminuted articular DRF
Chapter 14: Comminuted metaphyseal DRF
Chapter 15: Bone graft substitutes
Chapter 16: Arthroscopic-assisted treatment of DRF
Chapter 17: Simultaneous Fractures of the Distal Radius and Scaphoid
Chapter 18: Galeazzi Fracture Dislocations
Chapter 19: Essex Lopresti Fracture Dislocations
Chapter 20: Acute DRUJ Instability
Chapter 21: Concomitant ulnar styloid fractures
Chapter 22: Persistent Ulnar Sided pain after DRF
Chapter 23: Association Between Radiological and Patient-Reported Outcomes
Chapter 24: Rehabilitation
Chapter 25: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Section 5: Pediatric Fracture Management
Chapter 26: Pediatric DRF
Chapter 27: Pediatric Forearm Fractures
Section 6: Elderly Fracture Management
Chapter 28: Fracture Fixation in the Elderly
Chapter 29: Prevention of DRF
Section 7: Malunion and Nonunion
Chapter 30: Diagnosing the Malunited Distal Radius
Chapter 31: Treatment of the Extra-articular Malunited Distal Radius
Chapter 32: Treatment of the Intra-articular Malunited Distal Radius
Chapter 33: Corrective Osteotomy of Distal Radius Malunion
Chapter 34: Three-Dimensional Planning and surgical guidance of Malunion Correction
Chapter 35: Nonunion
Section 8: Posttraumatic Arthritis and Complications
Chapter 36: Tendon ruptures after DRF
Chapter 37: Chronic DRUJ Instability
Chapter 38: Posttraumatic DRUJ Arthritis
Chapter 39: Posttraumatic RSL Arthritis
Chapter 40: Wrist contracture

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