Atlas of Facial Implants, 2nd Edition

Atlas of Facial Implants, 2nd Edition
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Section 1 Background

1 Indications for facial implants

2 Evaluation and planning for facial implant surgery

3 Implant materials

4 Principles and operative technique for facial skeletal augmentation

Section 2 Upper face

5 Cranioplasty

6 Temporal augmentation

7 Internal orbit

Section 3 Midface

8 Infraorbital rim

9 Malar

10 Pyriform aperture

Section 4 Lower face

11 Chin

12 Mandible

Section 5 Developing applications

13 Rejuvenation of the aging face and skeleton with implants

14 Designer faces: CAD/CAM facial implants

15 Implant refinement of postorthognathic surgery facial contour

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